Waiting By The Window








He watched from his chair
as she rode away.

She promised to return,
he believed her every word.

He waited by the window
while the world fell away.

He was found in his chair
by the window

with her picture in his lap.



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17 responses to “Waiting By The Window

  1. Oh, yes it looks like a place where something heart-breaking happened. The straightforward style makes it all the more poignant.

  2. To love so steadfastly…

  3. Insightful, and moving, take on the prompt.

  4. J Cosmo Newbery

    Oooo. That’s sad.

  5. Yes, sad … the chair and everything surrounding it feel that way. Nice job.

  6. a very poignant write ….thank you

  7. Aww… that is the second pretty sad one about this red chair… It must invoke a feeling of sadness… Lovely, sad though.

  8. Yes, above all sad, but redeemed by the writing. Not sentimental.

  9. A lifetime, or a moment of sadness – told with such completeness. I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

  10. Rivenrod

    The picture you chose is wonderfully evocative. Given an extra emotive crust by your words . . .


  11. jasmine calyx

    I love that you didn’t tell the whole story, leaving the blanks for us to fill in ourselves. This is so sad. We don’t know if she was deceiving him or if something happened to her. How very Princess Bride.

  12. sad…b ut I really liked your words

  13. Very poignant, well penned piece!

  14. Heartbreaking… concise…well done…

  15. My heart breaks for the guy left behind. Wonder why she left…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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