Without Her Coat







The sea blows in through
the door she left open
while running out
to embrace the shore spray
and the winter rain.

She will return after dusk,
wet and cold and wild
with excitement for life.


For The Mag



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22 responses to “Without Her Coat

  1. Tess Kincaid

    I recognize myself here…

  2. Ohhhh. Love this, Mark.
    I am her, often.

  3. Fresh, delightful, entertaining…

  4. katheworsley

    oh yes! what a delight!

  5. many times I have done this.

  6. Oh, to embrace the “wild” side! Enjoyed the images you brought forth in your poem.

  7. margaretbednar

    Simple and lovely. Just exquisite!

  8. Shawna

    I love your last three lines. If only I actually liked the sea. I really just like the idea of liking the sea. 😉

  9. Exciting. It’s surprising how few words you took to paint a rounded character. That’s good writing.

  10. LOVED this! Wonderful take on the prompt!

  11. kay

    i could feel it all…quite beautiful..x

  12. LInda

    I love the call of the sea and the interpretation you have penned here is expressively excellent. Thank you for sharing, Mark.

  13. Sue

    That is exactly what happens to me at the ocean. I can feel the spray in my face just reading this….


  14. Kutamun

    Passionate ! . The Sea Priestess

  15. Karen S.

    Oh yes, I can so relate!

  16. margaretbednar

    wet, cold, and wild… (I prefer warm, but… 🙂

  17. ~T~

    She isn’t me, but I think I’ve met her. Nice!

  18. That sort of weather is exciting.

  19. I love this. It suits the painting and gives it presence
    . I miss your poetry!

    • It’s an old one, but I do like it, saw a couple of things to change right off.
      Been able to squeeze out one every so often, but crazy busy, mostly just the ones that won’t let me rest until they are out.

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