At A Red Light

She is really giving him hell —
second car back, on the right —
a barrage of hand gestures
and verbal attacks.
I wonder what caused
the injury that led to the big
cast on her right hand.
Maybe she hit him, or a wall.
She appears to have a temper.
His lips move on occasion;
briefly, without much energy.
Mostly, he faces away from her,
staring out the window.
I open the sunroof as the light
changes, traffic moves
and I turn left, a different
route than the fighting couple.
It is a beautiful day.

A close up view of a traffic light illuminatin...


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9 responses to “At A Red Light

  1. Shawna

    Great ending, as always. I really like this line: “His lips move on occasion” … You did a really good job describing the scene, and you definitely chose the better path.

  2. Great poem, this is a truly wonderful snapshot of life going on.

  3. ha..there’s always lots to observe on red traffic lights…just a tiny snapshot of someone else’s life and often makes us think on long after the traffic light has turned green…

  4. Nice piece. Captures the moment well. But I suspect most people won’t even remember being at that intersection!

  5. i think you took more a different route than just the road…smiles…it is interesting though to watch people…man when they get going…lol…

  6. I agree with Brian…I think your different route was more than just a road….sad a times what we can glimpse in a single moment…sometimes we must take that turn into a brighter view.

  7. Sounds like a wise thing to do…to turn the other way…..and enjoy the day!

  8. Lázaro Rojas

    So much can happen at traffic lights! Nice capture.

  9. You do paint an instant scene well and say so much with it.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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