Margo Roby asks us for a piece showing a change in perspective. Of course, I never quite do exactly what she wants…


The horizon has faded into
shades of grey,
the line distinguishing sea
and sky no longer defined.
After watching for so long,
any color left in the distant
clouds is only imagined.
The lights from the party
boats begin to cast their
reflection on the waves
as a pelican skims the water
in anticipation of the day’s
last meal.
A solitary dolphin surfaces
in the shallows, showing
only enough dorsal to tease
the beach walkers and awe
the children.
The seagulls have not given
up on the day, confident
there are more morsels
to scavenge,
while a little girl runs past
with her bucket of broken
I stand and turn away
from the sea,
letting the sand sift through
my fingers to be carried
on the breeze,
like the ashes left here
years before.



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6 responses to “Perspective

  1. did not see the ending coming and it definitely struck a chord…beautiful write Mark.

  2. A beautiful poem, Mark. I don’t care if you’re disobedient, the prompt did it’s stuff on you.

  3. See… this is what I am talking about. But, then, you know that. Take the prompt use it as a starter and go where the writing takes you.
    I know I said this, but I really like the distinctive tone of your speaker these days. Don’t stop the writing!

  4. This is excellent…I love the way you shifted views…your details bring the poem alive I could see the entirety!! I agree with the peeps above, great job with the tryout, Mark!!

  5. Shawna

    Really good line breaks here, Mark. A lot of meaning is added by “writing” between the lines.

    only enough dorsal to tease”

    “while a little girl runs past
    with her bucket of broken”

    “I stand and turn away”

    “like the ashes left here
    years before”

    It sounds like you lost a daughter and spread her ashes here.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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