Fine Art

When the lighting is just right,
all aspects of the scene thought through,
the model posed in some new way —
provocative and pretty, not sexual
in any way — it is called fine art.

Technology advances daily,
there are algorithms that enable
computers to map the cosmos,
and tiny devices can store
enormous volumes of data,
songs, documents…pictures.

The police came to a middle
school yesterday, confiscated
an eight grade boys phone
with nude pictures of girls
of the same age, same class.

There was a girl recently (made
all the talk shows. did you hear?)
fourteen I think she was, made
a mistake, had a picture taken online
without her shirt. (These things usually
end up seen everywhere. Who do you
blame?) Kids at two different schools
embarrassed and bullied her into suicide…..

Bukowski wrote about having sex
after he was sixty with three different
women in the same day. It was poetry.

I will be content if just the one will
still have me, and I shall proclaim it the highest
of fine art.


For dVerse and Anna’s prompt. Be sure and read it. Always good stuff.


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11 responses to “Fine Art

  1. ha, at that age i will be happy to still be working maybe…smiles…ugh though on sexting man….i dont think kids think through the future ramifications whn they do…it gets scary too with all the raging hormones and such…and gts ugly too…

  2. A heart rending story and we live in a blame the victim culture. I enjoyed the turn at the end very much, like separating signal from noise. I don’t know Bukowski but I keep hearing about him. Thank you for joining us tonight.

  3. Wonderfully done all the way through.

  4. Ah, but you mustn’t confuse Bukowski with normal folk! Superb write! Enjoyed every word.

  5. Laurie Kolp

    This is great, Mark. I especially like the last two stanzas… so sad about the phone sex as they call it…

  6. I think Bukowski was prone to exaggeration as far as his sexual prowess was concerned…a case of poets and their fantasy trips:) Fine poet though.

  7. This is so powerful–I love the humility and humanity in the last 2 stanzas. Such a sad thing about that poor girl. As long as we demonize such behavior on the part of the girls/women involved, and not the slimy idiots who spread their shame, we are doomed as a species.

  8. Do we still understand the old values?
    How people used to think in families and communities ?
    It would hold a more realistic idea of the way forward if we did,
    But sadly everything that affects us is media orientated.
    And who influences the media ?

  9. every generation says that times have changed, but it feels like times have really changed now, with all this technology that keeps changing faster than we do. it is sad that these things happen to children who have no idea what they are getting themselves into. your ending made me smile.

  10. Shawna

    Oh wow, this is perfect: “I will be content if just the one will still have me, and I shall proclaim it the highest of fine art.”

    Who’s giving the kids cell phones?

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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