Annuit Coeptis

There used to be meaning
behind these symbols,
these mottos of a country
founded on faith and values.

Now, it is gauche to even
mention things of God,
offensive to many while
the majority is simply indifferent.

“He approves these endeavors”
was believed, strived for,
and then…it was decided He
was not needed, an intrusion.

We wonder why a country
struggles when providence
is denied and the all seeing
eye has been blinded.

Eye of Providence, The Great Seal of the Unite...

Eye of Providence, The Great Seal of the United States.











For The Mag



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7 responses to “Annuit Coeptis

  1. Your mag has meaning, and is similar to mine, in some respects.

  2. kay

    chilling if correct….the eye blinded is indeed very powerful…

  3. othermary

    Hmmm…in our money we trust. That can’t be good.

  4. Karen S.

    Amazingly so! …hopefully there will be more light and less blindness.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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