An Old Haunt

This is not a cafe that a tour
guide would recommend
for anything more than shelter
from a passing storm. It has not
been on the ‘happening’ list
in quite some time.

A throw back to an 80’s ‘fern bar’
with peanuts on the floor
and patrons without jobs still
looking to score. Draft beer
is the drink of choice, served
in old, sturdy, glass mugs
with chipped handles.

I no longer come enough
for the bartender to consider
me a regular, but there is still
a bottle of my favorite
in the cabinet.

She never hovers, but keeps
my glass full, knowing I tip well.
She also learned — some time
ago,on a night of too
many — when she smiles,
her face
reminds me of you.

Fern Bar

Fern Bar (Photo credit: robholland)









For the Sunday Whirl.



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5 responses to “An Old Haunt

  1. Seems like a sweet story, especially the last line!

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    You, sir, are a storyteller, and this is a well-told tale! What a delight to read!

    Whirling with Robert Bly

  3. I thought it’s all tongue in cheek till the sweet ending.

  4. Ahh. Very nicely done.

    I wonder what his favorite is.


  5. I am going to presume this is not about you, Mark 😉 Nicely told tale, I agree.


Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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