I focus on the memories —

walks among the willows
when the breeze turned cool
and a rustle was heard
in the leaves;
the charm of her smile,
touch of her hand,
promise of a kiss. A time
when our world threatened
to explode with elation
and promise —

to get me through the unbearable.
Brittle skin sheaths her broken
body; horrid side effect of poison
intended to mend. The slightest
touch brings piercing pain.

So I sit by her side…waiting.

When the fever is high she will speak
to a former me, a man she sees beneath
this old crust, and we will talk of

walks among the willows
when the breeze turned cool
and a rustle was heard
in the leaves.

English: Picture made in an effort to demonstr...








For the Sunday Whirl. Sorry, but I could find nothing
cheerful in this weeks words.



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20 responses to “Waiting

  1. This is so touching, Mark. And so sad. Your format works so well here…stanzas every bit as separate as the descriptions of life they hold.
    I especially love this phrasing:
    “When the fever is high she will speak
    to a former me, a man she sees beneath
    this old crust”

  2. So very sad, and so real. I love the way your first and last stanzas repeat. Very powerful.

  3. Awww… as with all love, even if it has lasted a lifetime, it still has to end when one or the other readies to depart this life. Deeply touching.

  4. Beautiful. This is my favorite: “When the fever is high she will speak
    to a former me”

  5. This is beautifully sad, Mark. I love the refrain of the first and last stanza. Well done.


  6. So very touching. A good reminder that it’s not the time we have together but how we spend it together.

  7. Noah Matthews

    Dude. Heart-wrenching.

  8. Absolutely love your structure! mygoodness…just lovely.

  9. Life isn’t always cheerful, so poetry has to reflect life. I agree, the chosen words this week were a bit bleak!

  10. The words take you where they will Mark (at least that’s how it seems for me) and this is poignant, haunting and lovely …nicely done


  11. ugh it is def sad….first medicine meant to help poisoning but the her remembering a previous you as well….that is hard…the moments of clarity a blessing but hard in between…

  12. oh my, yes this is heart-wrenching. and beautiful. and honest. wishing for more of those cool breezes.

  13. Never apologize for getting a heart to feel. Mark…whether this is based on life or a word list makes no difference. Every ounce of pain was felt with every word. And to wrap us back around to experience it again…and again…painful, sorrowful, but so very beautiful. No smart ass quips from me on this one…but I may stay to linger

  14. I love love poems. This is something beautiful and a gorgeous poetic narrative.

  15. This is so sad and moving. Loved the third stanza

  16. Precious and meaningful, sad and illuminating. You’ve written the jackpot here.

  17. Well constructed poem – unfortunately, I know too many in this situation now. Yet this holds more joy than for those whose loved one has lost all memory and is trying to navigate an unknown land. Well written with echoes of beauty and love.

  18. ugh…a painful and yet so tender write..

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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