flame draws them in,
captivated by light,
promises of warmth,
life, sustenance —
survival and instinct
at odds. Heat burning
more than saving.


The flame was given freely, a source of light
and food and warmth. A beacon for those
looking for a source of provision; necessity
provided by providence to all drew near.
Bright, promising, a commitment to burn
forever, never taking, never doused.


A mass of winged things
surround the light,
pressing closer, ever
demanding of their piece
of the flame. Engulfed by
the horde, robbed of vital
fuel, the flame is snuffed
out, all dependent on it
left blind and cold.


A flame from a burning candle







Tonight at dVerse Anna asks for a bit of prose with our poetry, with perhaps a bit of postmodernist cynicism thrown in. Well, maybe she did not exactly ask for that last bit.


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10 responses to “Flicker

  1. That’s just how it is… the flicker, bicker, flutter, fight… there’s something about the flame that draws us all in… I really liked the beat of this, worked well with those flickering bugs around the flame.

  2. Very nice. I like your repetition of flicker, bicker, flutter, fight.

  3. the refrain in this mark is rather haunting…i am trying to think of the nursery rhyme that has the similar cadence to it….but that is the feel…almost a fe fi fo fum….and the flame draws the moth, to snuff the light or snuff the life….

  4. Laughing at ‘postmodernist cynicism’, hey, it’s not about getting what I ask for but what inspires you to create, besides I have been known to like surprises :). Your repetitions almost become a chant and I began to get that uneasy feeling like maybe someone was about to pass the Kool-Aid. The short lines in the prose section added to the ominous atmosphere. I think your presentation really enhances the message and reminds us we all participate somehow. It’s easy to be drawn in.

  5. Incantation, this, and well-written at that.

  6. I love the pace, and the repitition of the refrain makes for an eerie feel.

  7. we’re all drawn to the light and warmth, no matter how much it flickers..and we all hope it will make it through the night..

  8. This is so anthropological – so psychological – so soul stirring, tribal inflected, the source – fire/light, the conflict built in fight/flight – very economically said getting right to the root of the need for gathering, communication, music and poetry. Brilliant!

  9. fabulous cadence here, and so many truths flow through this… if we could resist, would we? but no matter, for we cannot.

  10. I love your four repeated words! And you know “A mass of winged things” makes me happy. 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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