Still Water

You can skim the surface of life
like a skipping stone causing ripples
with each touch, or be still
and seek that beneath the surface.

Surface waves

Surface waves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








For the Imaginary Garden Sunday Challenge where
they have asked for a fragment suitable for a jar.


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15 responses to “Still Water

  1. Still waters run deep.

    love this

  2. Unless you are a swan of course 🙂
    Nice snippet of life know-how.

  3. You summed it up so beautifully in 4 lines. I’ve often promises myself to skim the surface of life, but I always end up gasping for breath in the deep end.

  4. Weird, I am watching NGC program called Light the Ocean, then get to your post and it’s was rather a strange situation and feeling , looking at the vortex of your photo reading the verse and here is the ocean all lit up. LOL
    Good write thanks for sharing!

  5. I SO LOVE this fragment – it is a piece of perfection.

  6. Excellent! You know I love short poems. I’ll have to check out the prompt.

    Great ending:
    “be still
    and seek that beneath the surface”

  7. Brilliant! Can I put this in my own jar?

  8. Such wisdom in four lines. I don’t often skim the surface of life. I dive into the deep end praying I won’t drown.

  9. I too want to put this in my jar~
    I guess I do both, but find myself more in the deep end~

  10. Mmm, yes. This makes me think of people who are too willing to give up on relationships in their lives. Never willing to wait it out and see what goodness resides inside. Just my own feeling I got from this though. Well written, Mark. 🙂

  11. I love the depths, always have. I used to say, ‘Still waters run deep,’ but after meeting some people, I can honestly say, they can run shallow, too! The image is perfect, if only because of that bit of downward spiral, where the good stuff is. Great, Mark! Peace, Amy

  12. margaretbednar

    …skim the surface of life

    An awesome “reflection”!

  13. Such simple truth here. Very beautiful.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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