Past Dances











It was a good life,
that of a fisherman’s wife.

A good home, loving husband,
children to be proud of.

She could not ask for more.

September skies brought
fleeting thoughts
as she stood on the cliff
and watched the sun
set into the sea,

and remembered how
the sailor danced.

For the Mag image prompt.



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17 responses to “Past Dances

  1. This is just beautiful. Fine structure and imagery. 🙂

  2. Lovely memory sweetly written

  3. Beautiful, but sad, I hope she didn’t have too many regrets.

  4. this seems familiar some how, sad memories

  5. Tess Kincaid

    I have a similar memory of a lovely dance…

  6. “and remembered how
    the sailor danced” … Perfect! But ouch. Nevertheless, better to have a good life and reminisce once in a while about the “dance” than to have what could have been a miserable life and wish for stability and tranquility.

  7. i def feel the loss…i dont know if it is from him just being away or being dead, but i feel it….the dance makes a nice anchor for the memory as well…nice short mark…

  8. Helen

    What a tug at my heartstrings … I melted reading your poem.

  9. Quite a story, and remarkably well told.

  10. Karen S.

    I have know a few good sailors who really knew how to dance! Great little poem!

  11. I like the notion of a fisherman’s wife in connection with this prompt. Well done.

  12. margaretbednar

    Makes me wonder if he is away or dead…. but her memories are certainly dear to her. Nice story telling.

  13. A poignant memory…one from the jewel box we all keep in our mind to be opened only upon occasion, savored in the moment and tenderly replaced.

  14. A whole story untold here – clever…

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