Shadow Song

Her song echos among
the shadows
of the rooftops,

swirls around the spires
then drifts into
the night,

riding the smoke
on a path I can not
yet follow.











For One Single Impression
& The Imaginary Garden.
Image used with permission from Margaret at Art Happens 365



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19 responses to “Shadow Song

  1. Is this a continuation of the burnt toast poem? 😀

  2. Mark, love the swirling & climbing smoke/song.

  3. love the subtle message!

  4. margaretbednar

    That last stanza is splendid and the longing, the loneliness is captured eloquently.

  5. Noah Matthews

    I like this. Can you share the story behind it or is it too personal?

  6. Jim

    I like the thought of the song riding the smoke on paths that cannot be followed. Very nice, thought provoking idea.

  7. I could almost see the song riding the smoke as I read this. Good write.

  8. I see the notes in the smoke…beautifully written poem of longing.

  9. This is fantastic work. Nothing is emptier than air bereft of song.

  10. she’s a siren of sorts…..I love the lovely images you paint with your words – the shadows and swirls around spires …

  11. This is a wonderfully evocative piece, which catches the essence of place with a hint of romantic thought.

  12. Helen

    Plenty of time left for chances …. this is lovely.

  13. This is so wistful, longing:
    “riding the smoke
    on a path I can not
    yet follow.”

  14. This piece makes me think of your mom. I love this: “on a path I can not
    yet follow.”

  15. interesting trail your words travel

    much love…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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