Love in the Morning











mornings and me
are never melodious

so forgive me
my faults
and favor me with
a smile

as the smoke
billows from your

burnt toast

For the Mag


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20 responses to “Love in the Morning

  1. LOVE this:
    “so forgive me
    my faults
    and favor me with
    a smile”

    And that last line is divine:
    “as the smoke
    billows from your

    burnt toast”


  2. “mornings and me
    are never melodious” This is me in the morning!

  3. Tess Kincaid

    I am so not a morning person…

  4. A great character piece. BTW I like my toast burnt!

  5. Nice–now I understand the comment on the last piece…And if you made me burnt toast, I would thank you and scrap[e off the charred bits.

  6. leahJlynn

    Sounds a lot like some of my mornings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Linda Fraser

    It wouldn’t be morning without the burnt toast. The aroma lingers as I write this! Sheesh! Thank you for sharing this smile through the smoke, Mark. =D

  8. i so love your poems, Mark!

  9. Those first two lines should be in large letters outside my door.
    Love it.

  10. Karen S.

    Sounds like a charming morning, and there are those who crave burnt toast, not me, but some!

  11. This is so cute! I’m sure she smiles at the effort and finds you hopelessly adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hah!
    Essay from a sevenyear old:
    Put the bread on the Aga, turn it and then scrape it.
    This was fun.

  13. Helen

    I morph into melodious after coffee …… very nice!

  14. The billowing smoke I liked the most, especially coming from fresh-burnt toast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hypercryptical

    I’m not really alive until an hour or so I have risen so relate to this…

    Anna :o]

  16. shewritesherenow

    Hah! Never! I am a morning person :). Just can’t understand why everyone isn’t? I liked this, in all seriousness. A bit playful.

  17. margaretbednar

    The second stanza is so lovely! I’m sure with sweet words, burnt toast can be enjoyable!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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