The rugged warriors of a remote
heartland, forgotten while they
struggle to feed a world
and a family.

Finding splendor
in cows and corn, suffering
in silence through drought,
storm and pain.

Fierce in the
face of failure, solid
as marble, yet humble,
praying for grace
and a blessing of rain.

Shaken only by failures
of faith.

Farmer and Wife

For the Sunday Whirl



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14 responses to “Farmer

  1. Love this, especially:
    “Finding splendor
    in cows and corn”

    And “failures/of faith.”

    LoveloveLOVE the word bump (and visual) of humble and marble.

  2. Farmers have always had a hard life, really.
    Beautiful write Mark

  3. failures of faith is such a strong ending. Well done.

  4. Farming is a hard life — requiring strength and faith. Well caught.

  5. Noah Matthews

    Thanks for honoring our farmers. My grandparents scratched out a living on a small farm.

  6. leah jamielynn

    like this empathetic write toward farmers and the farmland

  7. Interesting take – I made mine about faith also … but they’re vastly different perspective – I love it when that happens … good poem

  8. Yes. This is lovely in its direct simplicity. Boy, did you use the words well and every one of them works.

  9. A poignant storyline and great poem, Mark.

  10. Very poignant poem, since a lot of farmers are suffering this year.

  11. Mark you reached deep with this and painted an earthy picture

  12. Great job, Mark. Love this: “suffering in silence through drought, storm and pain”

  13. `fierce in the face of failure’-good phrasing. I love the way you fit marble into the poem. That was a problem for me.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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