Evening Constitutional

the walks were helping,
the limp barely perceptible,
but the pain did occasionally
creep back in with the cold.

he had the cracks and stains
in the sidewalk memorized,
many obscured now by blown
bits of brown and red.

one line in particular he watched
for, marking the point he
would turn around, just out
of view of the stadium lights.

he missed it this time, hidden
in the leaves, went too far.
he stopped when he heard
the low roar of the crowd,

stood for a moment, lost
in the sound, then collared up
and turned his back on memories
more painful than a busted knee.

Broken Sidewalk

Broken Sidewalk (Photo credit: taestell)







For the dVerse Autumn prompt. For those that do not know,
autumn (today!) begins the American football season.



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12 responses to “Evening Constitutional

  1. as if the media would let us forget LOL
    I like this poem rather sad but as usual with you marvelously written. 🙂

  2. Jeremy Nathan Marks

    I like this approach to Autumn, especially how we get to “go inside” the sensations of the speaker. I also appreciate how you used “a walk” in a different way: not to tell how beautiful the Autumn is, but how a person is living through this particular Autumn.

  3. News to me, but your poem brought home the pathos of the season.

  4. oh man, really nice one mark…i bet being hurt in the game might sour it a bit…esp to have that dream taken from you….nice oblique kinda look at the season but def touches in the return of football and how it might affect someone…i like it…

  5. Oooooh. This is deeply sad, Mark. Very well done.

  6. You weave such an interesting story: who is this man, this walker–an injured player, or maybe an older man who remembers the cheers of his yesteryear? A compassionate tale, you make us “feel” the aching and loss. Nicely done.

  7. This stream of another’s consciousness makes the turn to cold, to school starting, to academic schedules, become so acute. Exceptional poem!

  8. Nice, I like the sense of journey, not just the walk but the route back through rehabilitation.

  9. Excellent write and images of your painful moment.

  10. poemsofhateandhope

    suc a strong close mark…the cold and the athritic knee being so symbolic, and the cold (the return of painful memories)- very well excecuted my friend

  11. Oh wow, Mark. This is exceptional and almost brought a tear. Do you know that I didn’t even catch that he was an ex-player? When you said “collared up,” I immediately thought of a priest with a past he was trying to forget, perhaps not wanting to be near people or youth.

    “he missed it this time, hidden in the leaves, went too far” … To me, this speaks of crossing lines that shouldn’t have been crossed, in the metaphorical sense. And the roar of the crowd in a stadium represents society waiting to rip him apart, so he hides, stays back, nurses his injuries and damaged pride. A totally different take than you intented, I realize. 🙂

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