Revolution – fail

the Lady discards
the extinguished torch,
and shatters her tablet
with its forgotten date
and trampled meaning.

she gives a last look
to the land she loves —
once called
promised —
and knowing she is
forsaken turns away
to follow in the footsteps
of God.

behind her she leaves
broken chains
for another to take up
and mend.


Tear (Photo credit: Matthew McVickar)









Written for the dVerse ‘rebellion’ prompt

and Sunday Scribblings



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10 responses to “Revolution – fail

  1. ugh…this is a tough write.. i hope that will never happen.. hopes dies last.. and hope she keeps that torch burning…

  2. wow…follows in the footsteps of god…who has obviously left the land as well…wow….this is a tight commentary mark…in your face….

  3. Dang, Mark, this is a powerful read. She just can’t leave!! We all need her torch as a beacon.

  4. poemsofhateandhope

    Such an astute and powerful political commentary… know , I’m not surprised you feel this way,I’m sure a lot of americans do at the moment…. That image of the staue of liberty walking away from a godless country ….wow…that is STRONG…

  5. Brilliant. Painful, but true.

  6. Love the way you did this!

  7. that was wonderfully heavy and frightening ….. Come, give it another try, Lady Liberty!

  8. There is this insidious movement of depriving little bits of freedom in the name of democracy. Freedom has come at the price of us becoming slaves again and those that rule are not politicians. Stay alert you have given us a great message.

  9. Really downbeat though well written. A result of the current campaign?

  10. Very strong, in your face. Depressing, and yet I do not believe she is gone. Only when all hope is lost and we sit on our asses and LET the Koch brothers and their ilk steal our freedoms, when we stop telephoning our elected officials (who are taking another vacation, by the way, so call soon), when we stop ACTING… will the torch be extinguished.

    America was never the promised land to anyone save the LDS. It should have been left alone, quite frankly. Speak up, people, before Pandora’s Box can no longer be shut. Amy

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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