Decayed Decadence

Shawna’s words refused to conform to my sense of literalism, so I let them roam.

beautiful decadence

beautiful decadence (Photo credit: rromer)

contentment pours
from the goblet

scorned sweetness
left to pool
in her

laden, the captive
climbs chrysolite
to escape
his freedom

escorts fan
her with sheaves
of wheat,
feed her clusters
of raisins,
anoint her waist
with dead lotus
flower oil

her lover
spreads his shekels,
lets his blood
and washes the
mandrake in


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11 responses to “Decayed Decadence

  1. Noah Matthews

    Sensual indeed. There is more in this piece.

  2. This is awesome: “contentment pours from the goblet” (might be literal, might be symbolism for … other things)

    I like the navel imagery. And this is very interesting: “to escape his freedom” … Why would he do that? And yet, people do. … But you probably meant “to escape to his freedom” (not from). πŸ™‚ Either works, though.

    “lets his blood” … I’m impressed with your symbolism and creative spin on these words, Mark. … “washes the mandrake in preparation” … Incredible! Awesome title too.

    A chrysolite wall must be gorgeous. Painful to climb though. Might cut up the hands; you’d really have to want to get away from something/someone to go that route. So the captive/lover finds both freedom and torment in her presence. He is drawn to her, yet I’m thinking she has turned away from her former sweetness. Or maybe “scorned sweetness” just refers to the wine. He hates her but also loves her. He’s trying to leave her, but he comes back. Maybe she’s a prostitute he’s trying to resist. I just love your ending … the story left untold. This is excellent. Loved it. πŸ™‚

    • thank you, this was a bit ‘out of my box’, playing with meanings and symbols and underlying context…could be a lot of ‘stuff’ in there…

      oh, the freedom line is as intended…would seem counterintuitive, but so many do…anyone else and I might get all political about now. πŸ™‚

  3. Love this. I love that Shawna’s words ignite you like they do me. So many of her word lists read like poems themselves.
    I particularly love this line:
    “scorned sweetness
    left to pool
    in her

  4. Beautifully sensual, Mark, and your ability to work with the words in such a seamless manner amazes me.

  5. Wow…this feels ritualistic and hot-steamy good…many striking images and sensory details…I like the lotus flower oil… πŸ™‚

  6. Sensual writing here, Mark. Enjoyed this.

  7. Wow, very passionate. That kind of decadence doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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