So many misguided
souls of the fairer sex,
go into risky relationships
thinking to ‘change’ him.

Often though, the dangerous
types are that way for a reason,
a black heart may stay that way,
beyond repair or remorse.

Sometimes a bastard
is just a bastard.
Nevertheless, she will try
and find out the hard way.



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11 responses to “Black

  1. Yup. Too much truth here.

  2. Sad reality. I saw on the news last night that Rihanna is friends again with the guy who beat her to a pulp. Go figure.

  3. Very true observation – simply but tellingly told. k.

  4. It has a sad but a compelling tone.

  5. Some women like a challenge, I suppose (or heartbreak – not sure which.)

  6. So true. “Sometimes a bastard is just a bastard” is a great line.

  7. trifectawriting

    It’s that age-old thing of chasing the things we can’t have, and then (usually) not even really wanting them once we get them. Leave the bastards alone! Nice job with the prompt.

  8. Just once in a while, the love of a good woman can bleach a black heart. But mostly not.

  9. Painful as it may be, both men and women suffer from this desperate hope.

  10. Been there, done that, doesn’t work.

  11. I really like the ending. Very good. And very true.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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