Home was a lost hope,
an overheard conversation
on some downtown corner.
It was an impossible idea,
perhaps a lingering memory,
but not a thing, not real.

There was ‘the’ home,
where lost children were fed
foul food and forgotten,
another mouth on a roster
for an overburdened
social worker.

There was the alley claimed
as their own, thinking numbers
and bolt holes equaled safety.
Cardboard beds tucked under
dumpster lids with dirty bodies
huddled together for warmth.

Home was a misnomer,
a cold dream broken by
screaming sirens and rain,
a couple walking by holding
hands, a commercial seen
through a storefront window.



For the Trifecta Prompt “Home”.

Yes, a bit moody today…


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38 responses to “Home?

  1. You wrote a sunny, sweet one like I did. 😉

    These are my favorites:

    “where lost children were fed
    foul food and forgotten”

    “Home was a misnomer,
    a cold dream broken by
    screaming sirens and rain,
    a couple walking by holding
    hands, a commercial seen
    through a storefront window.”

  2. Holy cow. This is intense. I especially love this:
    “a cold dream broken by
    screaming sirens and rain”

    So much to love here, though. Vivid, and sad. And all too real.

  3. Fabulous dark poem. Cynical yet shrieks truth. Loved it

  4. Love the ending of this one; very powerful.

  5. Laurie Kolp

    Oh, so sad… and moving.

  6. Leo

    Having aways been lucky or blessed or whatever, I can hardly imagine being homeless. I’ve thought of this often and it is terrifing. To me your first line captures the essence of the concept. Good Work. If you visit my blog check out “Stones”, my attempt on homelessness from, maybe, ten years ago. I glad I found your work. Le.

  7. “another mouth on a roster
    for an overburdened
    social worker.”

    Really sad and powerful write.

  8. i agree with mz… so sad but so powerfully written…really felt…good stuff mark

  9. As a recovering social worker, I felt this to the bone. Another mouth on a roster is such a perfect, and true, line. As much as you care about the kids on your caseload, there is never enough to give to them.
    Thanks for sharing this. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  10. This is really heart-wrenching, and really well-written.

  11. Home should be a place of comfort, but so often even if there are four walls it is not. This is a powerful piece of stark reality. Great job!

  12. This beautiful in its pathos and pain. Home is such a cherished ideal, it’s so sad that it’s even possible to forget that it might exist. 🙂

  13. yikes, this phrase stopped me and made me read slowly, and then read again: “fed foul food and forgotten”

  14. Sad and painful reality ~ Thanks for sharing them ~

  15. “a cold dream broken by
    screaming sirens and rain,
    a couple walking by holding
    hands, a commercial seen
    through a storefront window” by the time you got to this end, I knew what you were talking about because your examples were so vivid! Home as a lost hope and misnomer makes me gulp, makes me think of the public school students who look so equally gifted when sitting in the same classroom chairs.

  16. This was a masterful poem. You had me in the thrall of this narrative from the first moment. Great details, great action. Loved it.

  17. You might be moody, but we both have similar topics today. You really captured a problem with today’s society.

  18. I don’t know how I missed this first time round – only found it because of your triumph at Trifecta: congratulations, by the way.

    This is a wonderful, wonderful poem – heart-wrenching in its intensity.

  19. Powerful writing & so, so sad….so many kids live like this, heartbreaking

  20. Great vision here, Mark. Not just seeing and relating the obvious, but getting inside and letting us feel the dar and lonely. Great work!

  21. hobgoblin2011

    outstanding reflective narrative Mark. Really love the tone you used here, has a conversational, meant-to-be-read orally feel to it. Great write/read. Thanks

  22. Not in the forefront of our leaders’ minds….bears following up on to find solutions….great write..

  23. kez

    great writing …you convey the atmosphere and longing for something that should be the norm in society yet is sadly denied to some …thanks for sharing x

  24. This is intense. It is an excellent write. It clearly paints a picture…that begs for our attention, but the cries go unanswered so often. Thank you for sharing.

  25. dang…home is…a hard question to answer for some…very emotional for me…as i was right in that with those kids….an add seen through a window…ugh….

  26. Hard reality. Moody often makes for good poetry. This is one of those times. Very nice, Mark.

  27. ugh..that hurst…when home is something you can only see like through a window or in a couple walking by.. and have an idea of how it could and should be but in reality everything broken…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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