She shed the sea –

and him –

like a salty second skin.

A love for shells

and water

she would revive

on another stretch

of sand

at another time.



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40 responses to “Skin

  1. ohmyWORD.
    This is simply brilliant:
    “She shed the sea –

    and him –

    like a salty second skin.”


  2. Dog

    sometimes they come together like this, meter and all

  3. A very positive take, a powerful poem with or without the image. It stands alone.

  4. Tess Kincaid

    Beautiful! Yes, she will…

  5. Also love “another stretch of sand”…another time. She could be wandering along the beach, alone, just one set of lonely footprints. Or she could be letting the sands of time simply sift through her fingers, waiting. So much in so few words, Mark. Just gorgeous.

  6. Leo

    I like this very much. I’m so glad I found your blog and am looking forward to reading through your archives. My wife and I live in northwest Ga. Our kids are grown but we also have 3 dogs that are just about as much trouble as our kids were. I’ve also recently revived my interest in writing and have begun posting older and new efforts. happy writing, Leo

  7. Laurie Kolp

    Sensuous, delightful.

  8. a salty second skin…arresting line. Everything is such high quality this week, you no less.

  9. I’m glad I read yours before finishing the first poem I started for this prompt. I was shedding skin and sea and all that too. 🙂

    “like a salty second skin” … I wonder what her new layer tastes like, I mean looks like. I’m sure it’s very soft and tender. New skin usually is.

  10. Amy

    Nice poem. Please check out my new poetry blogzine and submit your best work:

  11. would it were so easy to move on, often it is not — but a fine crisp image of rejuvenation…

  12. I love the sensuality of the new skin…why didn’t I think of this 🙂

  13. This is superb! Every bit of it!

  14. danadampier

    Wow… I have no other words!

  15. Now that – was the poem of the week!

  16. Kutamun

    I think she does play the long game, perhaps it gets a little harder each time she is forced to give up, but she does try. Very salient! Sailor

  17. Stellar take! And I’m glad that she’ll be back! 😉

  18. Sparse and evocative – beautiful poetry.

  19. Powerful, beautiful, evocative. Lovely.

  20. Helen

    Oh yes, renewal and second chances ~~ what life is all about.

  21. Linda Fraser

    There was a song….’Love is always better, the second time around…’ Marvelous writing Mark. Thank you for sharing this.

  22. Karen S.

    Ah yes, another place at another time….if only.

  23. A sense of mystery and new beginnings in this poem…for me, anyway. Enjoyed it a lot.

  24. sometimes it is the shedding that leads us into new life…the sea or him…makes me thing of Eustice in the Dawn Treader….

  25. I really like this poem! The imagery is great and so is the diction. I like the photo you chose for emphasis. Nicely done!

  26. “…shed the sea
    and him–
    like a salty
    second skin.”
    “she would revive…
    …at another time.”

    Simple and complete, and something most if not all have experienced. Great capture, Mark!

  27. This was a most splendid response!! Love it.

  28. A wonderful rebirth! She comes alive in your poem!

  29. Succinctly described, the sloughing off this ‘second skin’ and a promise of a future revival on a new stretch of sand. Well done.

  30. I love this one, Mark. The photo is tattooed to the poem.

  31. Love it. So well said in so few words.

  32. Mark, this reminds me of the Irish legend of the silkie, who, once having shed her skin on shore, was captive to the land if a man came along and hid her “sea skin.” Yet this left my version of the legend much more control. Truly startling imagery, such a ripe imagination you have! Amy

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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