Trace the lace over curvaceous paths,
maps for the finger to follow,
the mind to wander.

Past pursuits forgotten—
overlooked, neglected—
in the ricochet chaos
of ‘busy’,
time lost to the warp
frenzy of life.

Narrow ways flooded
with memories of passion,
invisible alcoves of desire
fed by rekindled fires.

Flames dwindle with the dawn,
but embers imbued with new ardor
retain the heat, refuse to be
doused again.

Flames 4 - Ghost of fire

Flames 4 – Ghost of fire (Photo credit: Edson Martins)


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13 responses to “Flames

  1. The words led me on a passionate path too Mark.. 🙂
    This is very sensual and sexy.

  2. Very sensual – almost erotic in a sneaky sort of way. Well done.

  3. I love the words ‘maps for fingers to follow’ – we all perform that action with maps…..after that line, I felt your verse outlined a ‘whirl’ of ‘ricochetting’ thought and ideas, echoing the ‘frenzy of life’…nice wordle

  4. To me this is about a man taking stock of how he feels, what he could lose, and longing for the passion that once was between him and the one with the curvaceous paths. I felt sad for him, and hopeful, too, as he recognizes what the busyness of life could take away.

    I wanted to tell you which line stood out the most, but each phrase was so well turned. And I completely forgot I was reading a wordle. Nice!

  5. Laurie Kolp

    Ahh, Mark… this is amazing. I love the ending.

  6. I especially love the sound in your opening line.

  7. TheOthers1

    That first stanza is awesome! “maps for the finger to follow, the mind to wander.” Nice.

  8. Excellent contribution, Mark. Thank goodness for embers. 😉

  9. I love the last stanza, Mark. A beautiful read overall.


  10. “invisible alcoves of desire
    fed by rekindled fires.”

    This resonates with me, as does the entire piece. Well done, Mark!

  11. Sensual and sensuous – not an easily done mix … very nice, plus the use of words is wonderful; one of my personal favourites – douse – another fine poem Mark; well done.


  12. Seamless, flowing. Gorgeous last stanza!

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