any glimmer
of emotion

and he would
……………………turn away

unable to
travel that
way again.

2010_03_26 Library Path

Written for Three Word Wednesday.



Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

5 responses to “Touch

  1. This is a perfectly formed piece, like a pathway zigzagging. Wonderful, Mark.

  2. I really like the flow of this one.

  3. this poor fellow is in trouble….How will he ever learn of love?!

  4. jcosmonewbery

    That’s sad.

  5. 🙂

    That describes a whole lot of people. The heart is like the brain; it has its ways of protecting itself.

    I really like the visual presentation/spacing, like the curves of a body (good touch). But touching the heart, now that’s very bad touch for this guy. Love your ending.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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