This is what Horror looks like

She is nineteen
and from Illinois.
Her mother drove
her to Tennessee,
took her to a bar,
directed her to the
restroom…and left.

She is nineteen,
cannot communicate,
does not see well
and has cerebral palsy,
among other disabilities.
For ten days
no one knew who she was.

When her mother was
she thought it was a
bunch of ‘hoopla’
and told the police
she just did not want
her daughter anymore.

No charges were filed,
no law was broken.

She is nineteen,
now a ward of the state.

For Poetic Asides. And True.


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10 responses to “This is what Horror looks like

  1. 19 means she was an adult. No law was broken.

  2. lucywilliamspoetry

    Even though no law was technically broken that is still awful! Surely there was some way of getting help to look after her?

  3. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???yes we live in disposable society but a human being a child ????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  4. that is so sad. the mother should be a ward of the state

  5. A heartbreaking story – that a sole carer can get to the end of their tether is, in a way, understandable. But where was the support network of friends, family and community?

  6. Gotta hope that the young lady would now get the help and support that she wasn’t getting before. So sad.

  7. That is an intense ending. Didn’t break the law? Goodness. She must have lost her mind after caring for a daughter with special needs for all those years.

    Mark, you are cordially invited to partake of the loveliness that pervades my newest blog. This is your friend, Rosemary Mint (aka, Shawna). I look forward to all future remarks you might sprinkle upon my metaphorical head. And when I next move myself and my “poetry” to another location, I shall first inform you. Sincerest regards, friend.

    • well now. That is better. Wounds cleansed, boo boo’s kissed. 🙂 I found you, just been a little busy myself. Was not sure if you were ready for public consumption yet.

      • By all means, may the public consume me.

        It is my eating too much of the public that can be a problem at times. 🙂

        So sorry I did not let you know. A few people were e-mailing me, and you were not. So I didn’t think you were missing me.

      • But of course, but also knew you were stepping back a little. i can respect that. probably going to have to myself for a bit. Trying to find new employment (or convince wife to let me go self-employed again), misery index at current place exceeding acceptable limits.

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