John said ‘Imagine’…
and the world thought
it was a great idea.

Ideas, sadly, differ wildly
from reality. Utopian plans
never the purview of Man.

Heaven and hell exist here
on earth, whether or not
there is belief in afterlife.

Religion rules rites of conflict,
Muslim, Christian, Jew….. Who
shall halt following their God?

Possessions, and lack thereof,
determine dividing lines of societies;
the sides desiring to keep or take.

Imagine, enjoy your daydream,
but progress requires action, someone
to relinquish a portion of their beliefs,

possibly admit to being wrong.
Will you go first?
Or insist it be me?

Imagine There's No Hunger    -  Strawberry Fie...

Imagine There’s No Hunger – Strawberry Fields – Central Park, NYC (Photo credit: asterix611)

Written for Three Word Wednesday and the Imaginary Garden ‘inconformity’ prompt.

Also shared for the Poetry Jam ‘Daydream Believer’ Prompt.



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23 responses to “Realism

  1. So much truth in this. I love the ending.

  2. Good stuff! Plain, simple, nicely written…enjoyed!

  3. Someone has to go it may as well be you:)

  4. Imagine if we did live the way John Lennon dreamed of. We may well live in peace but, the people of this world are way too greedy now to follow his simple way.
    Great, honest, write Mark!

  5. Great accompanying photo! And powerfully pointed poem. If we cannot imagine positive change, how can we build it or direct it? And now I am guilty of waiting for others to act first, for the youth of today to ignite a movement which will burn up resistance and chip away at rock and also be visionary about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and etc steps forward.

  6. Helen

    John’s ‘Imagine’ will always resonate with me in a profound way …. It took more than a few minutes (time to compose myself) before I could rise from my theatre seat after hearing his music at the end of ‘The Killing Fields’ ….
    if only. Great writing, Mark.

  7. unfortunately, the world is a mess, ruled by greed, religion, and anger…..Lennon was a visionary, with a perfect directive to live well….Imagine..

  8. Indeed someone has to be the first one….and it doesn’t sound like people are jumping up and down just waiting to volunteer. Your poem presents a tough subject and gives the reader a lot to think about.

  9. Only one little part of any religious believe needs to change: The one that says there’s only one right way.

  10. nice…for sure…imagine all you want but progress does require action behind it….and someone has to be the first to take that step cause everyone is afraid they are gonna give something up if they do…

  11. Wow, Mark, so much truth in this thought-provoking poem! As long as we can convince ourselves and others to take that first step, I think the rest of them will come much more easily. Thanks so much for sharing this with us over at Poetry Jam this week!

  12. Rinkly Rimes

    ‘Imagine’ was written so long ago, and nothing much has changed. I wonder if it ever will.

  13. Yes, well done, Mark…happen to life or let life happen to you…take the first step or insist others do it for you…change is not easy, typically but well worth the energy spent as is the writing of this poem, Mark!! 🙂

  14. So much noise. Is anybody listening? When being right is all there is, who is left? As Mary commented, “so much to think about.”

  15. Nice poem….So true……

  16. Society as a whole is flawed, the difficulty being to recognise our own flaws rather than judging others, and to do something about them.

    “determine diving lines of societies” diving? or dividing?

  17. What was Lennon thinking? “Give peace a chance!” indeed. Where’s the money in that?

  18. Sounds like an existentialist point of view. 🙂 I do believe that action starts with a dream first. Without imagination, there wouldn’t be creativity. Dream, create, make it happen 🙂

  19. Honey, I must have been channeling you… but yours is better. Took my daughter to Strawb Fields, down the street from my old apt. on the Upper West Side near the Dakota. Your springboard from John’s lyrics to all his music and work encompassed was truly heartening.

    As for dreams, action, reality, the ethereal… I don’t need to know where or when. I simply am and know that there is more beyond! Amy

  20. yes, well done. gets harder to imagine, doesn’t it?

  21. Oh this makes one think!!!! Yes, change requires action, and negotiation and respect. Not impossible, but difficult to effect among six billion people.

  22. very nicely said – and how many of us are willing even to look at our beliefs, in terms of truth value? but you’re exactly right, one of us has to be the one to step forward…

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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