A spider hangs suspended
by a single silken strand
in the center of the room.

A trivial thing with spindly legs,
a wisp of a body
and the diligent determination
of one of significant resolve.

Fascinating to observe,
creating its own lifeline
from soft strands of amazing

Swaying in the draft
of the fan, impossible
to ignore.

Hanging Spider


Poets United ‘vice-versa prompt




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11 responses to “Spider

  1. My husband would hate this poem, as frightened as he is of the eight-legged beasts. I however thought it was genius.

  2. Ha. What a great observation of the multi-legged creature. Good write. I enjoyed reading this.

  3. Aren’t they amazing to watch, too! Loved this.

  4. They are amazing to watch…nice 🙂

  5. Laurie Kolp

    I do find spiders amazing to observe… from a distance.

  6. i loved this. A spider really is a determined being, isn’t it? It doesn’t realize the limitations of its spindly body. It can travel far on its silken threads. I do think that spiders deserve more appreciation. Thanks for taking part in Vice/Versa!

  7. Like! Like! I really liked this poem.

  8. Victoria

    I like the way you took the antonyms and used them in a description. It’s hard for me not to stay theoretical.

  9. Spiders are great – very useful for killing flies. And I love your poem, too.

  10. Such an original take on the prompt. Very well done.!

  11. Amazing the will of instinct. Well-described. K.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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