Making Up

In some moments,
when the time is right,
it just has to be done…..

There are buttons to be pushed,
red capes to wave,
fuses to be lit,

all to see the display,
a fireworks show of temper
and frustration,
a shower of sparks
from her eyes,
thunderous explosions,
smoke and fire.

Truly a spectacle to behold.

Ah, but to see her soften,
smile while she attempts
to hold on to the mad,
when she catches my
grin — realizing I had set
her off on purpose…again —

that look, and the fireworks
to come, makes
it all worthwhile.

English: Photo of Team Singapore fireworks dis...

Written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge


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18 responses to “Making Up

  1. Ah, but to see her soften,
    smile while she attempts
    to hold on to the mad,

    so hard to do when your love doesn’t play fair LOL ! beautifully done my friend

  2. Oh, I absolutely love the sentiment of this piece. Gorgeous. “It just has to be done” indeed.

  3. unevenstevencu

    with great power comes great responsibility – using your super passive aggressive powers to teach rather than harm – hmmm good one well presented 🙂

  4. I think someone who tried this on me would get more fireworks than he was looking for. But the language is beautiful!

  5. I am married to a wind-up-merchant and he manages to draw out my fireworks every time! Your poem has the situation to a T.

  6. This is a sweet response to the prompt. I like the incorporation of fireworks of anger and those of passion. Thanks for playing with us again. Please come on back tomorrow for the new challenge.

  7. it just has to be done…. ha! Playful piece, Mark. This is dang good. Hope you place!

  8. Hahaha, you have to be a large man to contain my sister though! I watch it sometimes with her new men and I’m like ..dude…I hope you know what you’re doing…the Queen is going to take her crown off…

  9. rosemary mint

    I love this transition: “Ah, but to see her soften” … and the ending: “and the fireworks to come” … Perfect use of the word. 🙂

  10. Seems like a kind of risky game, but it is obvious the two of you are used to it. Glad the ‘fireworks’ is short lived! I hope she is able to do the same with you. Smiles.

  11. Well done Mark. I laughed as I read this — when my husband does this, I call it “love and abuse.” You men!

  12. This approach would certainly make for an interesting relationship – and rarely a dull moment 🙂

  13. very sensitive and full of the warmth and enjoyment of truly loving relationships. kudos!

  14. oh wow!!! creative! 🙂

  15. Sweet and loving: “ah, but to see her soften….”

  16. As if there are identities in action but no proof/guarantee that there will be no change! Just the firework thrill of the moment!

  17. hypercryptical

    Very creative and very good.

    Odd thing about wind-up merchants is that they are very hurt when given a taste of their own medicine – then it is not funny at all.

    Anna :o]

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