I watch, thin silence hanging in the room,
capturing snapshots of her sleeping form —

skin inviting touch
lips desiring a kiss

— not daring to stand, even move,
utter a sound, or other act.

Wait, anticipate, sun on her face,
bringing her slowly awake,

a languid stretch before she notices me,
invites me back to bed with a gesture.

 For the Sunday Whirl

and Sunday Scribblings



Filed under Poetry

24 responses to “Morning

  1. Ooo la la, I love mornings like this.

  2. excellent…the wait..the anticipation…the description…your words invite the mind to create a beautiful picture.

  3. An example of very, very good writing…

  4. Beautiful, Mark. A loving scene you have created here.


  5. What a beautiful touching scene you portray!

  6. your words bring temptation to mind very beautifully written

  7. A delightful use of the wordle words.

  8. Oh, for mornings like this. Patience is clearly a virtue of his! He deserved her.

  9. Absolutely lovely! I love mornings like this.

  10. Oooooo. Love the anticipation, patience in this. Delicious.

  11. nan

    sweet and sensual. No trace of Wordle words… they blend into the scene seemlessly!

  12. This is ‘hot,’ Mark, in the best kind of way; and as Nan said, there is no trace of the Wordle words.

  13. peggygoetz

    Beautiful description, wonderful mood here. Thank you too for visiting my blog!

  14. Simply beautiful! This would have been perfect for this week’s prompt at Carry On Tuesday

    • Ha! I thought the same thing…I scrolled to look to see if it was a two-fer (the wordle along with a second prompt), and was surprised to see it was Sunday Scribblings and not Carry On Tuesday! 😉

  15. thats the best kind of good morning to hope for.kudos!

  16. Lovely, I love it that you wait, that you enjoy just looking at her, and she wakes like a cat. Excellent.

  17. rosemary mint

    Mmmmm, beautiful scene. Love these:

    “I watch, thin silence hanging in the room,
    capturing snapshots of her sleeping form”

    “invites me back to bed with a gesture”

  18. Mark, Love it. Love the uniqueness, style of this.

  19. this is so sweet and romantic, and written with just enough description to bring us into the moment. lovely. x

  20. I found myself holding my breath, hoping he wasn’t going to be a creep (I just finished reading two poems where the main character was a bit creepy)…and felt myself smile a sigh when she gestured for his return.

    Lovely, Mark.

  21. Sir, with you, for you ‘romance’ is very much alive!
    We all know our parents had to ‘get together’ but when you look at the old photos…you wonder if they ever looked at each other with ‘romance’ – especially the photos like the one I describe here:

  22. Sensual, languid, still. Mornings like this.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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