Looking For My Alice

She would tell me when she was young
of her dreams to go there some day,
to have tea with madmen and conversations
with disappearing cats.

We would laugh at the absurdity
of twins named Tweedle and stay
up late mapping out adventures
and battles with the red queen.

I worried somewhat when she
was older, pining for a time when
she could return to the oversized
forest where rabbits wore waistcoats.

I attributed it to youthful exuberance —
holding on to a piece of her childhood —
exalting in her innocence, pleased
she was delaying growing up.

Now, years later, she cannot be found,
leaving behind a mysterious note:
‘Gone back down the rabbit hole at last,
wish me luck against the Jabberwok!’

"Feeding the Rabbits" also known as ...








Written for the third prompt of the

thirty-third Trifecta Challenge




Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

6 responses to “Looking For My Alice

  1. i absolutely love alice in wonderland (and anything by lewis carroll in general). it kind of draws a parallel, for me at least, to wendy, only alice went back and, perhaps, never did grow up.

  2. I really like this response to the 3rd prompt. Love the ending of her note.

  3. rosemary mint

    Love it!

    “to have tea with madmen and conversations
    with disappearing cats” … I would disappear for that too. 🙂

  4. I love your taking off on the mad tea party scenes in the video -they connect so neatly to that first prompt!

  5. Thank you, Mark, for making sense of that weird video. Your poem explains the images in a poetic way that I find charming.

  6. I love this. The third and fifth stanzas, though painful, are my favorite.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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