Boxes in the Basement

I found her in the basement,
amidst open boxes,
packing paper and bubble
wrap surrounding her
like a vigilant prayer circle.

She had found a hammer.

Between sobs she would
strike the pictures pulled
from the boxes,
intent to pulverize the glass
and frames protecting
a painful past.

I made no attempt
to hamper her efforts.

There comes a time
when it is necessary
to lash out at memories
when they taunt our joy
and haunt our peace.

Written for Three Word Wednesday.


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13 responses to “Boxes in the Basement

  1. i can see this scene and feel this women’s pain
    so clearly. and yes there comes a time when
    the past just needs to be pulverize.

  2. This piece speaks to me. Well done!

  3. Yes indeed. Sometimes the past is simply too painful to be reminded of.

  4. Well written this poem.Sometimes eradicating the past’s pictures helps you move into the present.

  5. rosemary mint

    My favorites are the mini-stanzas; they stand out as key elements to me:

    “She had found a hammer.”

    “I made no attempt
    to hamper her efforts.”

  6. When my sister died, I went thru something very similar, and it helped not to hang on to some memorabilia

  7. I loved this. This is poetry I understand. I’ve been there, hurling full pots of yoghurt at the garden fence, desperate to erase memories and pain. Beautifully written.

  8. I LOVE this line: “She had found a hammer.”
    Yesterday, I needed to find my original marriage certificate for a social security application my ex started. I told the worker I had no idea where it was but “I’m pretty sure I didn’t tear it up.” I haven’t actually destroyed anything residual but I can certainly understand the impulse. 🙂

  9. How real is this scene and one so many can empathize with. Not all do feel this way and when doing family history even the dirty smudges in life sometimes need be preserved.

  10. seeing some broken glass yesterday nearly had me writing of pulverized glass, as well…not sure where I’d have ended up with it, and I know it would not have been nearly as gripping and real as this one! It was another sleepless night that led me to pulverizing dreams instead.

    Well done, Mark.

  11. Awwwwww beautiful!! I love the way you’ve captured emotions after a relationship has parted ways 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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