Her Favorite Shop

to the HIppie-Chick
Market & Yoga Cafe.

Come in, check out.
We have everything you need
to free your mind,
rejuvenate your body,
cleanse your soul,
awaken your senses.

All natural herbal raspberry
tea to soothe your sleep,
fresh roasted espresso
to start a perfect day.

Patchouli incense to clear
the air of negativity,
rose water for your bath,
made with unaltered rain
captured from the highest

A tie dye sundress…
just because it looks great
with your eyes,
and…this. A magnificent,
hand-carved, red sandalwood
drum for when you dance.
Oh yes, you will dance.

relax, stretch a bit,
I highly recommend Lotus
in our Sun Room to sculpt
your vision for the rest of your

We will have everything
wrapped and packaged
for you when your ready.
Thank you for choosing
us for your enlightenment.

Sunset Hippy Chick

Written for Shawna’s Monday Melting word list and inspired by her description of her weekend shopping activities. 🙂



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6 responses to “Her Favorite Shop

  1. rosemary mint

    “made with unaltered rain
    captured from the highest
    mountains” … Oh, yes please!

    This place is amazing. It has a coffee and wine bar in the center and clothes and jewelry everywhere else. I really wanted a toe ring, but it was $8. At night, they have live bands and karaoke. And they also offer yoga classes through the week. One of the saleswomen has only lived in the states for 3 years; she is a beautiful Italian woman who married a military man. I really wish I lived there; I would so staple myself to that store. 🙂

    “Thank you for choosing
    us for your enlightenment.” … This is so ironically funny. As if you could buy enlightenment and have it wrapped up neatly. Love it.

  2. Patchouli ? do they even make it anymore. Lawd you bring back memories. A wonderfu wonderful trip down memory lane an oh so excellent write!

  3. I liked the same, Mark, about the unaltered rose water for her bath!!! This sounds like a hippie haven for sure!!! Nicely done!

  4. You make it easy to see why it’s “Her Favorite Shop” Well Done, Mark !!

  5. the supreme salesmen–selling words and peace

  6. Sounds like a fun little bohemian experience. I feel the sense of bodhi without even stepping in.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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