In His Hand

We used to sing the song
in Sunday school,

He’s got the whole world

And I was never able to
grasp the concept.

In his hands

I studied when I was older
and struggled with omnipotence.

The whole wide world

Now I wonder when He
will anger enough to squeeze.

In his hands…


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5 responses to “In His Hand

  1. Written for the Poetic Bloomings photo prompt.

  2. Wow! Thought provoking! Loved this!

  3. Very Cool! I am associating rapidly!!! I too remember trying to figure that one out! God’s hands, what’s up with that? You also remind me of a theatre game in which players pass an imaginary object around a circle, each changing it into something else so that everyone must concentrate carefully to “see” the object in action and use it before changing. I often created something live–a chipmunk, a baby. And one day, one of my students took it and smashed it with two hands! Everyone held their breaths and let them out in sync–good God. A sermon by Edwards: “In the hands of an Angry God.” And so on.
    Thank you.
    Nicely layered to hold us in the moment–to make us hold our breaths.

  4. I wondered at this too as I got older….we never no when our moment here will end…great write!

  5. rosemary mint

    “Now I wonder when He
    will anger enough to squeeze.”

    Whew. Scary ending.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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