He ruled
with intimidation,
threats, sheer will
and intimidating size.

Until one thought
to hold up a hand,
offer a defence
and say



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15 responses to “Enough

  1. Written for The Mag photo prompt.

  2. Is this Obama four years ago or Romney today? Sorry, sometimes I’m kinda clueless.

  3. He does look like a bully with his size ~ Does Stop really stopped him ?


  4. if we don’t fight back…there is no hope, we will always be suppressed

    done for

  5. sometimes that is exactly what it takes…someone willing to stand up for what is right….ugh…nice write…

  6. Tess Kincaid

    Brave one, that…

  7. Well done. You’ve certainly captured the essence of the film. My contribution this week is here.

  8. Karen S.

    Perhaps he’s ruled too long!

  9. Helen

    I really like where you went with this …….

  10. Orson, after he put on weight. (Too much of that wine before its time.)

  11. Not always easy, but necessary.
    Nice one.


  12. The underdog stands up to the bully – it happens. Nice!

  13. It would be nice if it could be that easy, don’t think it always is though.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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