Ambling Along

Above the fog
lenient Gods smile
on those willing
to climb, to reach
beyond themselves
and learn to fly.

In the cloud bank
we struggle to see,
shuffling along amidst
murk and gloom,
needing but to lift
our eyes.

When the mist clears,
we will wonder where we are,
and what led us there.

English: Sea of fog seen from Mount Rigi, Swit...

Written for

Three Word Wednesday


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

13 responses to “Ambling Along

  1. Beautifully controlled piece. Gorgeous photograph.

  2. Right here. I’ve been watching 🙂

    They go well. We are stopped in SA for a while with a short sidestep to Rhode Island this weekend. July 2nd, I leave Skip to his own devices here, and head to my mother’s for four weeks. Then it’s back to Georgia.

  3. OMG! Really? Record and share? I’ll mention it to Skip. I was just told by one of the organisers that as I know the poet honouree I get to read first of the five guest poets and, if I want, I can talk to the audience about how we met. Aieee! Talk to the audience.

  4. Good point. I can fasten my gaze on Jack! I’m trying to decide whether it’s a good or bad idea to have a glass of wine, beforehand.

    We’ll be back here Tuesday; I’ll let you know how it went. Meanwhile, I wrote an odd little poem I shall send your way 🙂 [odd for me]

  5. This is lovely, Mark. And so true.

  6. really enjoyed this one

  7. Ah, yes, Mark…”but to lift our eyes.”
    Thanks for that reminder!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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