why not?
You can not fight it.
It always wins,


It can not,
it is the master,
no beginning, no end,
Why can you not understand?
join the multitudes of followers.


Do not ask useless questions,
it is not for you to know,
therefore, it should not be known.
It just is,
there can not be more,
an answer does not exist.

It is dark…black,
I cannot see.

Then you were not meant to.

You speak as an ass!
I would not have eyes if I were
not meant to see.

Ah…then why are you as blind
in the bright light?

All turns, moves,
twists, falls…
inexorable spiral
to an unknown end.
Impossible to watch,
no separation or distinction,
red is blue, black
No stop to the spin,
too strong to stop.



Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “Babbles

  1. Oh, I like this question/answer interplay. 🙂 well done

  2. My first thought “Alice going down the rabbit hole” then ‘wizardy” probably not at all what you were writing but that is where my chaotic mind went. Love the way the conversation went.

  3. I am not sure what this is about – if feels rather uncomfortable, and the involuntary image of a mole flashed before my eyes. Help!

    • 🙂
      Honestly Viv, i am not 100% certain myself. it is actually a rewrite and consolidation of something I found from 20+ years ago. i was curious to see what I could do with it. Could be about a lot of things, and I am quite certain is about something different now than when I first wrote it.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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