Defending the Nest

I saw two sparrows
fast in furious flight
chase a crow through the sky.

Darting and diving
at the cumbersome bird
defending home and young.

Smaller than the trespasser
aggressive in their attack
on the unsuspecting scavenger.

Forced from the sky
the crow cowers and flees
harassed until at a safe distance.

Nest secured
they return to their tree
alert for new danger.

Cape Crow

Written for the dVerse Poets form for all prompt for a Triversen. First try at one, so who knows.



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17 responses to “Defending the Nest


  2. Gay

    Great piece! You did it all. Right # stresses, lines, very succinct, a nod to the minimalism and nature of the Japanese and the metaphor softly hid from view in the center of the nest. Excellent work, sir. I regret we can’t actually meet in a pub to talk and explain, to explicate and question. I would love to hear you ex”pound”. Thank you!

  3. Love it when the underdog wins. ha! Caw!

  4. Great job, simple, direct, poetic! Very well done! Mine super convoluted and unWilliamsy – but you caught something here (if the crow didn’t.) k.

  5. I felt sorry for the crow 🙂 you portrayed a vivid scene

  6. Oh,yes…I am seeing this scene played out on a regular basis this time of year. Very nice poem; I like this form you are using. I am not familiar with it, but it looks like a success to me.

  7. Oh Mark, this is wonderful storytelling, never mind the awesome way you tackle a form that had me beat!

  8. nicely done to form, great laying out the story, i could see it…and good on the sparrows as well for defending what is theirs…

  9. I watch seens like this one play out in my back yard many mornings. One morning, a squable between two doves broke out, and one fled the scene. It went right between Sherry and I, almost hitting Sherry. We have a huge oak tree in our back yard, and the tenants are many. It seems they don’t all get along, and resist any newcomers. Sounds like some towns I’ve visited!
    Love your poem, Mark! Sorry for the rambling comment!

  10. Thank you for another David and Goliath story, this one much closer to home. We can Win for Love.

  11. Great job. A well described story. I saw two blackbirds fending off a snake near their nest, they too were agressive in their attack.

  12. I’ve seen this played out time and again…it’s spunky! You did such a nice job with the form. It flows so smoothly.

  13. So well done that I never noticed the assimilation until my second reading. It never intruded, only enhanced. Quite a feat.

  14. hedgewitch

    It always amazes me what maternal/paternal instincts can bring out, even in the small sparrow–watched one of these chases the other day(sometimes they take on the kites here, amazingly)–only one sparrow, but the crow flew as fast and far as it could. Nice use of the form, Mark.

  15. I’ve seen this scenario played out many a time. You made this come together flowed beautifully.

  16. I can picture the scene of the sparrows and crow clearly ~ Nice one ~

  17. Excellent. This is vivid, and strong.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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