Power and Lust

Another enemy fell,
vanquished by a flick
of his sword. Sweat lay
on his skin like dew
and the blood covering
the ground began to gel.

An iconic warrior — legend —
known for battle rage
and tenacity in fulfilling edicts,
but never for taking this
kind of chance.

He knew the lust for power
and blood, but this…
this was a new hunger.
A desire — need — to possess,
control, dominate.
An obsession that consumed
his every thought.

He risked a glance
at the distant parapets —
could see the curve of her
mocking smile and feel
those kohl lined eyes burrow
into his soul —

before turning his rage
once more on those
that thought to keep
him from her.

The Gathering Storm.

The Gathering Storm. (Photo credit: rubyblossom.)

Written for Shawna’s  Moday Melting word list and the Trifecta Challenge.


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12 responses to “Power and Lust

  1. rosemary mint

    Whew, I like this very much. 🙂 I was surprised by the turn toward the end; I especially love those last two stanzas. He sounds pretty desperate to get to her. And I love that this bloody battle might be a movie script or a metaphor.

  2. Awesome. Powerful stuff here, Mark. I love that you snuck in a fun word like “parapets,” which wasn’t even on the list. 😉

  3. Anne Katherine

    Wow, well done! “blood…began to gel” – great use of the word and great setting of the mood.
    “kohl lined eyes burrow/into his soul” – very strong line.
    And I, too, love the build-up to the end. Nicely done!

  4. Super!
    Read with morning tea and enjoyed!

  5. hobgoblin2011

    Fantastic write Mark. I love the characterization and the mythic warrior feel here. Excellent job narrating this journey. Great read. And oh, yeah, I love how subtly you incorporated the prompt’s words in here. Thanks

  6. Nice. I think the verse about the woman is my favorite.

  7. rosemary mint

    Congrats on your Trifecta win, Mark. 🙂

  8. I always appreciate how economically you use your words and how vividly you paint your scenes.
    In this particular challenge we were looking for the third definition of the word new as defined on the Trifecta website.
    Thanks for linking up with us. We can’t wait to read what you conjure up for the new challenge.

  9. ooh. She sounds like she’s mocking him. She may be throwing up the obstacles and inflaming that rage.

  10. I think I have written a companion piece. Though I think it is perhaps the ‘new’ queen your warrior spied??? Please see:

  11. You’ve brilliantly depicted the universal warrior/requiter/rebel/gangster. So much in common these men across time.

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