Four walls,
not offensive in color,
but decidedly not to my taste,

a nice enough office,
bigger than most.

Close to both kitchen
and restroom,

A/C and heat both work quite well.

Good, respectable furniture,
built in shelves,
two windows also,
with a parking lot view,
providing good light and
distractions when needed.

It does seem to be a bit
smaller than yesterday,
happening a lot lately….
more cell-like than spacious,

freedom restricted, escape unlikely.

Still, I am lucky to be working.



Office (Photo credit: qthrul)

Written for the dVerse Poets Working For It prompt.



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10 responses to “Working

  1. leahJlynn

    Yes, we should all be grateful for the jobs we have, but it would sure be nice if we all worked at a place that sound bit little some sort of luxury apartment.
    LOL, I get it, good work you’ve written.

  2. Soooo true. Offices – who needs them when you have laptops?

  3. lucky to be working …i would say yes…it is not a great market…i escaped cubical world a while back, an office would def be a perk…smiles…i do like working outside the office…have laptop will travel…

  4. You don’t mention smells and noises, both more noisome to me than heat or cold. They would be the bane of office life for me. Yours sounds pleasant even if all the way from nine-to-five plus commute can be detrimental.
    But you right: it’s often not the work that decides the wellbeing of the worker, but the accoutrements.

  5. these days, i suppose the answer is yes… hard to see some days though. i work from home, and so the distinction between what is work and what is life becomes quite blurred for me sometimes, i’m not sure if that is good or bad… but at least i can work in my pajamas. 🙂

  6. poemsofhateandhope

    Mark- I dig this…because these are questions I wrestle with daily…. Insist in my office dreaming of being anywhere else…but then if I wasn’t working…how would I feel? Could I run a car? Keep a roof over my head, eat? Or would I feel liberated? Free?….it’s strange isn’t it…love how you describe your office- four walls, not offensive in colour, but decidedly not to my tastes – such a great opening stanza….you KILLED the prompt with this poem

  7. margo roby

    And here’s the whole poem:
    ‘It does seem to be a bit
    smaller than yesterday’

  8. Great piece, Mark. Thankfulness and wantonness are not mutually exclusive, that’s for sure.

  9. i like how everything you see is OK, but just not really you, you could take it or leave it, but you really have to keep it, you kind of have no choice.

    Sonnet 24

  10. Love the sense of the walls closing in on you, think we can all relate to that can’t we?! Simple but effective use of the prompt, nicely done!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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