dVerse – Free FORM


Wine and whiskey withered
heart and soul
until her touch —

love lit up the night –

A smile and a kiss made me

Wine and whiskey withered —

heart and soul,
body imprisoned,
no thought of parole —
then she guided me gently
into the light.

Wine and whiskey
withered heart and soul,
until her touch-love
lit up the night.

A drink called "El Padrino" or "...

Samuel Peralta at dVerse Poets asks us this week to hide a ‘form’ poem within a free verse piece. I think the form I chose was a bit too restrictive for the exercise, but I gave it a go.


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9 responses to “dVerse – Free FORM

  1. The refrain battered the soul but love redeemed with light. Lovely!

  2. Mark – I like this a lot, very well done take on the challenge!

  3. great on her love touch lighting up the night…love is such a powerful force.. and well played on the form as well mark

  4. nice….nice story telling man…and having met her i gave it up too…probably saved my soul as well….nice play on form too…

  5. rosemary mint

    I like these repeated lines the best: “Wine and whiskey withered” and “until her touch”

  6. I like that love saved or lit up the night ~ Nice formatting of the first and last verses, which are the same, but looks different with the spacing and breaks ~

  7. Your submerged form, changing the line breaks in the repeated verses, and other devices, work very well in this composition. Beyond that consideration, an elegant ode to personal salvation.

  8. st3v3piper

    As a grateful, recovering lover of wine, women and song, I adore this!

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