Love Realized

30.3 _ choose love? [EXPLORED]

(Photo credit: Matthias Rhomberg)








I have walked the long and winding road,
destination an afterthought,
led others, followed a few,
not aware of yearning
or the life not lived,
until I learned —
all for naught


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14 responses to “Love Realized

  1. oh the sorrow in losing a love and not understanding what you have lost until it’s gone. Nice job

  2. Beautiful poem Mark. It expresses so well the connectivity with the journey to love.

  3. So sad when one loses the one so loved! Well expressed, Mark.

  4. Terrific piece, Mark. Poignant, sharp and lovely. ~ j

  5. Leo

    Romantic, well executed etheree, Mark!

    All for nought, without you.. Yes, that line is very thoughtful too.

  6. Such a sweet wonderful poem.

  7. Short, sweet and truly touching.

  8. rosemary mint

    So sweet. Love the visual poetry in that the line lengths are whittled down to the “you,” which ended up being all that mattered.

  9. magicalmysticalteacher

    This poem winds down…to…you–delightful!

    Western Sky & Road & Fence

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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