Life Without…and Again

It is but a string of letters
without the key

cries left
to pool in the lungs

grand designs
rotting in the soul

quizzes with no answers,
silver painted over black

Take refuge in a piano —
magic sound of keys —

thrust a bolt to the heavens
defy indifferent omniscience

release weary nerves from
their burdens and

burdened spirits from
their weariness

revisit where it all collapsed
and build anew

Piano Keys

Piano Keys (Photo credit: Chris Campbell)

Written from Shawna’s Monday Melting word list. Morally opposed to punctuation in this one for some reason.

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21 responses to “Life Without…and Again

  1. Shawna

    Great work, Mark. Thank goodness for the possibilities of “Again.” These are my favorite lines:
    “cries left to pool in the lungs”
    “silver painted over black” (really love this)
    “defy indifferent omniscience”
    “revisit where it all collapsed and build anew”

    I liked your footnote. 🙂

  2. Laurie Kolp

    I play the piano and really appreciate this, Mark.

  3. Music works the heart and soul
    ravaging or soothing

  4. Song is easily heard by our spirits. Thankful for musicians who were gifted with hands that heal. Lovely poem!

  5. Your last three stanzas hold a deep wisdom, Mark. Great melt!!

  6. k~

    Sometimes that’s the only way 🙂

  7. Anne Katherine

    First 3 couplets are very strong. Music does have such power to renew!

  8. Your first line is captivating–and the rest really resonates. Enjoyed this!

  9. It all boils down to musicality, which for me is poetry. My favourite line: ‘defy indifferent omniscience’

  10. nice…i like the hope int he end..returning to once more rebuild…punctuation would just try to contain the flow…smiles…which is really well in this one…

  11. revisit where it all collapsed
    and build anew……i like that and i also like the idea of seeking shelter in a piano…where the tunes are made…def. some comfort in an uneasy situation…

  12. I play the guitar and def know how instruments and bring easy and comfort to the most stressful times… great write

  13. poemsofhateandhope

    comfort in the keys…. I got a picture of a man resigned and slumped at a piano…having to start again…playing sad notes….your writing has a short sharp claustrophobic quality to it…you feel it…and I love it…great work mark

  14. Music is definitely a release from “weary nerves” and “burdened spirits,” too true. This one makes me want to learn the piano.

  15. every morning, each day, we start anew, rebuild the music of our lives. some days it’s a sad song, some days a happy one. it’s all music. and who needs punctuation anyway?

  16. I like the magic in the piano, uplifting the weary ~ Great weaving of words Mark ~

  17. ihatepoetry

    “Take refuge in a piano –
    magic sound of keys –”

    That’s worth the price of admission right there.

  18. A beautiful expression of release, I am no musician, but I have sung through voice and words for most of my life and know how tense I’d feel if I were not able to express myself that way.

  19. hypercryptical

    “Take refuge in a piano –
    magic sound of keys –”

    Do regret that I play no instrument – but do take refuge in the beauty of music..

    Lovely thoughts from you.

    Anna :o]

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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