The pen is drained,
out of words,
Exhausted, perhaps,
from a night
spewing an excess
of words,
still not finishing
the thought.

I don’t get the vampire
movies my wife watches,
the attraction to those
empty of soul and
indifferent to death.
Maybe it is a comparison
she makes.

It is quiet in the still
shadows of the house
when everyone else is
The wine bottle is empty
and the pen refuses
to go into the dark
corners of the night
to pull out a poem.

Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles (Photo credit: Bayhaus)








Written for the dVerse Poets Stream of Consciousness prompt.


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

10 responses to “Empty

  1. Well you did it ! Very good too. I like ‘dark corners of the night’.

  2. ha…love the connection of the draining…the pen, the wine bottle and the vampire as well that sucks out the blood, nice flow between thoughts letting the reader draw the correlations as well…

  3. I agree with Brian–the draining processes described work so well in this, Mark, and the feeling is so familiar.

  4. LOVE this, Mark:
    “the pen refuses
    to go into the dark
    corners of the night
    to pull out a poem.”

  5. Very cleverly drawn comparisons between pen and ink and vampires and poems that refuse to be drawn out … succinctly said and well.


  6. Very cool Mark, love the pen and the wine and I really don’t understand the draw (suck?) of vampire movies either! 🙂 Enjoyed the poem…

  7. Shawna

    You always have the best endings!

    “and the pen refuses
    to go into the dark
    corners of the night
    to pull out a poem”

  8. What a great analogy,,,the pen to the vampire and the differences of what each extracts from us/gives to us. I admire this lots.

  9. Irene

    It’s like following a train of thought, Mark.

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