Butterfly Effect

Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus Wing 2400px

I see it
feel it
live it
each time you unfold
a flutter of incense
to soothe a soul
my attracted opposite
Monarch to my tortoise
blue to my brown
delicate to my bristle
vulnerable to my guarded
beauty to my ugly
reason for


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7 responses to “Butterfly Effect

  1. Taken from Shawna’s Monday Melting word list.

  2. Shawna

    I like the parallels between your first three lines and last.

    These are my favorites:

    “each time you unfold
    a flutter of incense”

    “delicate to my bristle”

  3. Love the directness of the opening lines and the expansion of the closing: action becomes reason for being. Also like the way you built on this further with the action of the monarch vs. the observation of the tortoise.

  4. Love the balance in this, Mark, in language and in shape. Like a butterfly, you could fold the whole poem in half, and it would line up perfectly.

  5. leahJlynn

    Love the how you use the words for this prompt creative and like the form of the it as well.
    mine is: http://leah-jamielynn.typepad.com/blog/ below this one

  6. Beautiful job with the list!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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