Tomorrow is another
to feel alive
and live like there
will not be
to touch her hand,
see her smile,
say the words….

Today was a waste,
a day to forget,
when I did not feel
and made her
pull away
with no desire to
or hear more words.

Thankfully, hopefully,
tomorrow is another


Alone (Photo credit: | Pixelhated |)







Written for Carry On Tuesday.



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11 responses to “Tomorrow

  1. shetravels2b

    The photo is perfect with these words.

  2. shetravels2b

    Oh here from carry on Tuesday

  3. you know…those days happen…and sometimes for no apparent reason than they do…so tomorrow is def a new day…

  4. Some days we shine, others we just get everything wrong. Thankfully, we hope we have another tomorrow to try and get it right
    Lovely words Mark 🙂

  5. Very nice sentiment, Mark

  6. So sad. WIsh we could get every day right. I think I get more of them wrong than right, but it makes the good ones sweeter when I have them.

  7. Mark, this is tender and true. Great write and cause for pause…grasp our “now,” and make it count. Beautiful.

  8. I like the romance in this and the thought of a wasted day. But you brought this around to hope of tomorrow. Really nice writing.

  9. Leo

    Yes, that hope is a very important part, lest our today’s tomorrow ends up like yesterday’s tomorrow! Cheers and thanks for the positive writing. 🙂

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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