mail in the box
front door unlocked

dishes in the sink
message light blinking

no dog food out
cat seems to be missing

toiletries gone
her closet empty

she was in a hurry
with no time to say


A wall closet in a residential house in the Un...

Written for the Carry On Tuesday prompt of ‘No Time To Say Goodbye’. Check out the site and show some love (participate). Traffic has been low and they are thinking or shutting down; would hate to lose a quality prompt site.


Filed under Poetry, Poetry - Prompts

9 responses to “gone

  1. I think you are right – she’s definitely gone! As far as Carry On Tuesday is concerned, I’ve been snowed under with messages asking me to reconsider stopping thre prompts, and right now I’m thiking of carrying on carrying on!

  2. leahJlynn

    The worst kind of good-bye. written truthfully.

  3. Yikes. This tugs the heart. Nice work.

  4. Shawna

    Ouch. She could have at least left some toiletries. Geez.

  5. k~

    Message received!

  6. Oh that is a cruel goodbye … unfortunately, my husband experienced the same with his first wife!!! Nicely done!!

    Visiting from Carry On Tuesday

  7. Oh, punch to the gut. Ouch. Great capture, Mark!

  8. I like the succinctness of this – as though the narrator was too choked to elaborate further.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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