It was always there
waiting to be noticed —

the way she fought smiles,
refused tears, glanced
around corners, wore
oversized clothes, closed
her eyes to the music but
refused to dance —

the demons  faced
the past ran from
the pills spat out
the needles broken
the men rejected
the abusers forgotten
the memories refused
the bottles busted

the trouble she had
in her own silent hell
was always there,
waiting to be noticed.


alone (Photo credit: dragonflaiii)









For the Trifecta Writing Challenge for the word Trouble.



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30 responses to “Troubles

  1. So well written – The details you pick out to show her distress are perfect.

  2. Shawna

    Chilling, Mark. I especially love the italicized section.

    “closed her eyes to the music but refused to dance” … What a desperate need for control and fear of letting go, even for dancing. So sad.

  3. Diane Turner

    Terrific piece of writing, full of sensory images and despair.

  4. Trouble done so painfully well, it’s rhythm is an ache

  5. Dark, distrustful, desperately seeking self in a world that loves a victim. Survival by all means necessary. Fantastic pen, Mark…something I’m growing quite used to 🙂 Wicked share for OpenLinkNight! See you soon.

  6. oh heck…felt pain..wonderfully penned mark

  7. Great response to the prompt. You paint the picture of this person and her struggles so well we can’t help but feel for her. Without knowing anything about her we learn of her darkest secrets and most overwhelming insecurities…. brilliantly done!

  8. it all piles up a bit doesnt it…the hardest part of this for me is the waiting to be noticed you know…all the clues there like you point out…yet…

  9. So many like her too Mark. You give people like her (an who I once was) a voice, legitimacy. A worth.
    Powerful, dark, disturbing and yet, so, so valid.

  10. poemsofhateandhope

    Holy shit mark- I love this- and a reality felt by many unfortunately – pain leaves scars- and sometimes they can’t be hidden. Powerful words my friend…very strong

  11. So well done! The idea that her trouble is always there waiting to be noticed is so powerful and so sad. It speaks of a kind of trouble that’s impossible to leave behind.

  12. chilling write… pain can leave scars no one ever sees… but the holder will endure the sting each and every day…

  13. she’s waiting to be noticed, but only a few actually do get noticed and get helped

    radiation rampage

  14. Felt this …a great capture!

  15. Too often, we don’t see the signs. Nice write, Mark.

  16. “It was always there
    waiting to be noticed –”
    I like how this began and ended on the same note, a reminder of how often signs are overlooked–seeing what we want to see. Sad but powerful poem on fighting to hold on to one’s strength & human spirit in spite of hardship. Nicely penned.

  17. Great response! You’ve packed so much despair in so few words. She’s suffering through her pain alone….it makes me wonder how many people I’ve encountered have felt the same way and I didn’t linger long enough to see it myself.

  18. Her pain is felt through your words, well done.

  19. What a punch. I hear people ask how they missed the signs and I want to answer that they didn’t want to see.

  20. Distressing and tragic captured.

  21. so sad, too often, you’ve given voice to secret pain…

  22. You’ve captured the despair and desperation of this young woman so well. It makes my heart ache for her.

  23. This is wonderfully done!

  24. Poignant. I hope your heroine pulls through.

  25. And it’s amazing how those single things can snowball into breakdown so fast.

  26. here for the first time, very moving and poignant. may I ask where you get your prompts? I do “Carry on Tuesday” Plinky Prompts and Haikus. Laurie

  27. Thanks for linking up to Trifecta this week. I love the line about closing her eyes to the music but refusing to dance–I think that one line captures everything else about this great little piece. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope to see you back soon.

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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