Under the Willow

She stretched like
a feline — long and
graceful —
flushed and woozy
from mulberry
I leaned on my elbow,
every sinew
move, contract, dance…slow,
tracing every line,
memorizing form, color,
On that blanket under
that willow tree on
that day…
that moment…
time stood

Under the Willow

Under the Willow (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

Round two for Shawn’s Thursday Melting word assortment. Also posted to the Imaginary Garden. Going also to Open Link Night at dVerse Poets.


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37 responses to “Under the Willow

  1. Oh, my. **fans self**

  2. all time oldes

    Lovely, an elegant feeling surrounds the words. Really like this.

  3. lenwilliamscarver


  4. I love De’s response!
    And yes, a very lovely poem. The words flowed perfectly!

  5. Shawna

    Oh, this is gorgeous and sensual; you did make time stand still for a moment.

    These are my favorites:
    “flushed and woozy from mulberry wine”
    “I leaned on my elbow, watching every sinew move”

    So happy it all happened under a willow tree. Beautiful.

    It’s been a long time since anyone called me Shawn; I like it. 🙂

  6. leahJlynn

    I loved the flow of this poem and how the picture made you feel as if you were looking up at your poem after reading it.

  7. A true melting moment, gorgeously described. One of your best.

  8. Oh wow. So deliciously worded.

  9. yum yum, delicious like mulberry wine. i’d like some of that right now.

  10. bravo brother. scrumptious.we live and die for such moments.if only the women understood…

  11. so beautiful…love those amazing moments when time really does stand still.

  12. Laura ‘stole’ my comment. Those moments time stands still are to be savored! Very nicely penned.

  13. yeahhhhhhh….heavy sigh, I so love the romance. Perfect day I think. Splendid.

  14. Never had Mulberry wine, not sure I can buy it in Oz either mmmmm has me thinking…. 🙂

  15. Sigh…so good, so very very good.

  16. I LOVE the moments when time stands still. You captured this one with a gauze-filtered lens.

  17. margaretbednar

    Yes, there is something about Willow trees that makes me want to crawl under them with my love… 🙂 A secret world of tranquility and romance.

  18. hmmmm..time can stand still for sure when you watch a graceful willow swaying her limbs in a warm summer wind…nicely sensual..

  19. this is smoking…love your eye for detail in it…and it creates a nice initimacy in just the watching of her…nice piece…

  20. Wow. So sensual – and the stretched-out presentation the page makes the whole poem feel lazy and luxurious – enjoying every beautiful detail of the moment. Love it.

  21. hedgewitch

    The best things happen under the canopy. Can’t believe I missed this for toads–glad you double posted it Mark– I like it much, esp. the sense of concentration and intensity, which we bring to our work, but seldom our loves.

  22. Very, very sensual. Lovely!

  23. Lovely, subtle sensuality. Ah, yes.

  24. Under a blanket
    under a tree
    with thee…

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  26. tashtoo

    MARK!!! You’re pen has just been on fire lately! This is fantastic! so what if my cheeks are a little bit rosier for the read 😉 Awesome

  27. Just beautiful!!! Fan me with a brick!

  28. You made time stand still in this one, and you captured the moment quite well.

  29. poemsofhateandhope

    So nice – these are moments that can only be captured by words…only words can capture the motion felt, can express it adequately….I’ve always failed at achieving this- you on the other hand- have triumphed completely

  30. Laurie Kolp

    Amazing, Mark.

  31. Goodness, you made me want to reach out and pet! Suddenly, I wish I were a cat of sorts 😉

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