Across the River

He knew all the Bible stories
about rivers — believed them all —
but did not think they applied to him.

These waters would not part
when he stepped from the bank,
nor would he rise from them
a new man, and his father, earthly
and other, would surely not be pleased.

There was no promised land on the
other side of this river, no salvation;
there was only poison and torture,
lies and condemnation.

But he loved her still and
had to cross one more time.








Written for The Mag photo prompt of the above R.A.D. Stainforth image.



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11 responses to “Across the River

  1. this speaks of the Ferryman! I love that thought. there was a ferry man on this river many years ago. Great poem Thankyou!

  2. Everyone is being so magical this week. I *did* see the Ferryman!

  3. leahJlynn

    I totally understanding loving some one so much that your will to risk everything, Great work. my post for this prompt is there.

  4. you’re right, there is no promised land, we just have to do the best we can

    the river

  5. Shawna

    Dang, you get me those endings every time!!! LOVE it. 🙂 I totally didn’t see that coming.

  6. Karen S.

    Nicely written, and as your poem reads, never shall we give up….try one more time…and again!

  7. Really nice. I got caught up in this one…


  8. Tess Kincaid

    That campground on the other side may not be what they say…

  9. we have to do it “one more time”… it is a powerful directive, and unending. Very nice poem!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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