(Im)Proper Proselytizing

**Warning: Potential Blood Pressure Raising Opinions**

I consider myself a
practical person;
I know these pursuits of
the pen will never provide
for me, much less make
me prosperous, primarily —
aside from that whole
talent issue — due to a
lack of proficiency in

However, unlike most poets,
I am a firm believer in Profit and
the values of capitalism. I fall
on the side of the producer,
not the pilferer. Politics aside…
I am against piracy of all kinds,
whether robbing the rich to
feed to the poor, stealing music
online, or the literal kind (pirates,
that is); and I am thankful each day
that there are proficient Navy Seal
sharpshooters, poised to do what
is necessary.

Lately, I find myself more concerned
with the prosperity of my soul than
my purse. I believe in Isaiah and the
Old Testament prophets, as well as
the teachings of Paul, though I find
I can relate more to Peter. My puny
problems are unimportant in the ‘big
picture’, the pain of today merely a
passing thought on the path to Paradise.

My first Poem for the ABC Wednesday prompt. It is possible, perhaps that I overdid the ‘P’s, just a pinch.


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11 responses to “(Im)Proper Proselytizing

  1. Whew. Mark, I honestly relate to ALL of this. That first paragraph in particular…and being more a Peter than a Paul. Wonderful. I didn’t notice the “p” thing until the last stanza, and then not in an overdone way, at all. I like this very much.

  2. I did not feel the p’s where overdone it read well with honest feeling and that is how it should be

  3. I didn’t even notice the alliteration: maybe because for me, done in moderation, it is an essential part of poetry. Your poem rings with sincerity and I like your views.

  4. lenwilliamscarver

    I have to agree with the comments above…enough said.

  5. Not overdone a bit. Just right! An interesting and enjoyable read. Thank you!

  6. I think you PRESENTED your POINT of view PROFOUNDLY., with nice alliteration.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Shawna

    You can never overdo it on alliteration. 🙂

    I like the way you state what you believe, directly from the Bible:
    “I believe in Isaiah and the
    Old Testament prophets, as well as
    the teachings of Paul, though I find
    I can relate more to Peter”

  8. Prosperity of soul is far more important than the prosperity of the purse.

    P is for Pizzaroni
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  9. Ditto on all the above comments. And who doesn’t like Peter?! We all should be able to relate to Peter…and his many mistakes!

  10. We’re all on our blogs to express our heartfelt feelings, so never apologize. I’m always in hot water for going political and challenging televangelism! I’m not in line with some of your views (big “P” Pacifist), but I LOVE this piece. Everyone is right – the alliteration was not over the top, simply because this is a cohesive piece. Your idea of prosperity of the soul, rather than the so-called gospel of “abundance” (translated by many preachers as an excuse to be wealthy and pampered) is absolutely on target! Thanks so much, Amy (and you’d think my “P” would have been politics, but it was actually rather whimsical)

    • Thank you Amy. It was not so much an apology as a ‘read at your own risk’ statement. 🙂 I too have some issues with the ‘prosperity ministries’ people. There are some Bible interpretations in there that I disagree with and others that are obviously cherry picked and taken out of context. Funny thing – my Dad works for one of these guys (non-ministry position).
      Thanks again for stopping by!

Some of what I write is true, some is fiction; most is merely possibility.

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