Elusive – a Haibun

He searched the text of any book he could find,
absorbing ideas and context like water to a
sponge. Isolating himself from influences of the
world, to scry for answers without interruption.
He fought against interaction, touch, emotion —
an impersonal barrier that kept him from the
enlightenment he desired.

What we often seek
is usually found within
but not found alone.










Written for The Mag photo prompt and One Single Impression.


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28 responses to “Elusive – a Haibun

  1. Ohhhhh! I love this! I am intrigued by the haibun form. I think you’ve penned it beautifully. I’m still pondering this poignant visual, myself. 😉

  2. katheworsley

    Love the last three lines. Well done.

  3. k~

    Truth touches with words of experience,
    then changes and becomes
    something new.

  4. Excellent Halibun. I love this one, Mark.

  5. Oh well done. I’ve learned two new words and a new (to me) poetry form. I will now be looking for opportunities to drop ‘scry’ casually into conversation.

  6. Thank you for presenting this different style of poetry I have not experienced before, Mark. I have discovered so much learning is derived from discussions. It helps me process and fine tune my ideas. That’s why comments are a good thing. =D

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    found within but not alone

    I am intrigued by this idea!

    A haibun, Honey for My Soul

  8. Tess Kincaid

    Scry is one of my favorite words…nice..

  9. tmhHoover

    There is an invisible wall – you capture well. You give me courage to try this form. Also wanted to say thank you for your observations on my wordle…it helps me notice that I did move from closed to open in my writing.

  10. Laurie Kolp

    An oh so powerful form to get the message in the last three lines across. Wonderful, Mark!

  11. Excellent haibun, Mark. I like the subtle difference between “within” and “alone” captured in the haiku.

  12. I like how you used the prompt as a bit for enlightenment that we need each other every now than to simply live happily sometimes.

  13. intriguing – found within but not alone-
    thought provoking poem.

  14. nice wisdom in that last bit you know…inspiration without a bit of perspiration leaves to stagnation…

  15. rosemary mint

    This is my favorite: “to scry for answers without interruption”

  16. hobgoblin2011

    Very cool piece. Love the sentiments here, especially those last 3 lines. Thanks

  17. I agree, we find answers within but, it’s not good to remain alone. Lovely interpretation of the pic.

  18. Kutamun

    Knowledge can be Abysmal, thanks Mark

  19. Such a beautiful haibun. I love the essense you captured here.

  20. Wonderful poetic words of wisdom!

  21. very true! love the photo too.

  22. Worked for me that one did! Enjoyable and brilliant to see the word scry (despite my spell-check trying to reject it!) again! Almost forgot that it existed!

  23. i love the concept in the last stanza, very wise

    renal test

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