Immortal Boredom

The taste that was once so appealing
had lost some magic,
though the rush was still there…
the power that accompanied the
sudden spurt and flow of
another lives liquid.

The typical, inevitable outcome
of the hunt had even lost
most of its thrill,
shrill trill of screams no
longer exciting.

Occasionally, that last look
in a victims eyes —
full of fear and final acceptance —
provided a small amusement.

The taking of men’s souls
had become tiresome,
bereft of joy and lifeless
as the husk of bodies
she left behind.



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13 responses to “Immortal Boredom

  1. Nice … especially since you included the pic; goes well together – there are a number of ways to take the whole vampire thing, yes? I like yours.

  2. Helen

    Female as vampire ~ I like that.

  3. hobgoblin2011

    Excellent. Love the idea of Vampire and Ennui. I’ve read it this notion once before, can’t recall where, but liked it so much I wrote something similar in scope a while back, but this is much better. Great job. Cool read. Thanks

  4. hedgewitch

    So, you know my son’s ex?

    Sorry–it’s obvious this is more than just the usual portrait if a voracious predator, it’s also the saga of the jaded appetite for sensation, for more, stronger, bigger, harder, that even horror can’t do enough to satisfy. Excellent stuff, Mark.

  5. Laurie Kolp

    Ooh… I love the last stanza.

  6. interesting take…another of the entries kinda hit on vampirism with a conscience…where perhaps they lament their immortality and realize they are now in a vicious rut…


  7. Oh to be eternally beautiful, powerful, and never satiated, I enjoyed your take on the prompt :).

  8. leahJlynn

    I could totally see that as becoming bored and hugering for a real man or human encounters.for a longer period of time.

  9. Interesting take on the vampire theme and the last stanza fit the picture perfectly.

  10. This was one of the theses that contemporary writers like Anne Rice tried to convey – that an immortal life must be filled with ennui, and so must be filled with endless perversion to satisfy the lust for something new.

  11. somehow this made me think of all kind of different people…from a murderer to someone who just plays with others for the thrill of hunting…very nice mark

  12. Immortal boredom for an immortal body, interesting indeed. It would seem that even those condemned to immortality cannot escape a simple fact of human existence, the inevitable boredom that humans seek to ally with so much empty activity, oftem malicious.

  13. I really like the feel of this, the ho-hum quality. I kept hearing Peggy Lee in the background singing, “Is that all there is?” Vampiress with malaise of the spirit… Nice.

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